Give to deepen connections to community, Creation, and Creator. image

Give to deepen connections to community, Creation, and Creator.

You are our mycelial web. Share with us so that we can share with others.

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$80,000 goal

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Rooted in faith, Good Courage Farm nourishes neighbors, regenerates soil, and cultivates community.

Connected to the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, and located on the ancestral homelands of the Wahpekute Dakota, Good Courage Farm is an agrarian ministry where neighbors of all faiths and none gather to work for food justice and to witness God’s renewing love for all of Creation.

The ministry at Good Courage works at the intersection of many crises and opportunities:

  • Responding to food insecurity with healthful, local food for those who hunger
  • Restoring the soil with regenerative practices
  • Renewing Christian practices of Creation Care
  • Rekindling hope in the face of ecological crisis
  • Raising up the next generation of leaders in faith and farming

Your generosity catalyzes our generosity! Thanks to the 'mycelial network' of our donors and volunteers, we can grow food with the express purpose of giving it away at no cost. We can offer radical hospitality. We can make time and space for Sabbath rest. Thank you for your support, which has a three-fold positive impact on food, farming and faith. Come out to the farm in 2024 and see what is growing with the help of the Holy Spirit and of kindred spirits like you!