We are growing so that we can give. Can you give to help us grow? image

We are growing so that we can give. Can you give to help us grow?

Tend the seeds we've sown together in the Spirit

$41,816 raised

$60,000 goal

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Nourishing neighbors in body and spirit...

With God's help and yours, friends, a new expression of Creation-affirming Christian community is sending up shoots in the rural Midwest. Good Courage Farm is becoming a space where neighbors of all faiths and none gather to tend the soil, harvest good food to share, pray and sing, and learn more about living in harmony with all that God has made. In 2022, just shy of one thousand people visited the farm to experience the greening power of the Holy Spirit. Many of those people joined in the labor of cultivating food crops and sharing the fruits with neighbors experiencing hunger. Through God's Providence and shared work, Good Courage delivered more than 3000 servings of healthful, organic produce and eggs to Minnesotans through our food ministry partners in rural and urban communities.

In 2023, we're eager to deepen and broaden all that we've cultivated together. We'll continue the rhythm of Pie + Prayer in combination with the agrarian feasts of the Church. On Saturdays throughout the seasons, we'll offer immersive learning experiences that help people of faith better understand the ecological opportunities and crises of this moment, and to imagine relationships with the people and places that feed us as possible expressions of life abundant. Watch our calendar for events at the farm and come learn about compost, pollinators, the Farm Bill, farm labor policy, livestock integration and more, all in conversation with Christian scripture and tradition.

The dollar that you share with the ministry at Good Courage becomes an organic egg for a working mom's breakfast, or the light of a beeswax taper in the Silo Chapel, or a shovelful of mulch that replaces sheet plastic, or a moment of leadership in song and prayer offered by a seminary intern or a staff member. The resources that you share take root here, and then send up shoots and a stalk and then ripe fruit that we then share with another. You give, we grow, we give.

We thank God for your companionship on this journey and keep you in our prayers here under the prairie sky.

Blessings and thanks,

Mother Kerri, Pastor Christian, Dr. Jen, Deacon Dawnlynn and the whole Good Courage Farmily